Down to Zero Partners

Ecpat Philippines

ECPAT Philippines : ECPAT stands for End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes. A non government organization working for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography, & the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. The ECPAT network works to build collaboration among local civil society actors and the broader child rights community to form a global social movement for protection of children from sexual exploitation. ECPAT members provide direct care to child victims, conduct research, implement awareness-­raising campaigns, work on advocacy and lobby with governments and capacity building training for relevant stakeholders.

Children’s Legal Bureau Inc.

Children’s Legal Bureau Inc. is a nongovernment organization is committed to empowering children and communities while engaging with law enforcement, prosecution, corrections, courts and local government units for the protection of rights and the attainment of justice for children in the Visayas Region. Provides developmental legal aid to children and organizes the five pillars of justice at the local level for a more child sensitive judicial system.

Bidlisiw Foundation

Bidlisiw Foundation focuses on developmental works on helping the poor families, particularly the informal settlers and families with children in need of special protection in coordination with Local Government Units, concerned government agencies, other non-government organizations and target groups/communities for wider impact and support.

Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors Inc. (FORGE)

Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors Inc. (FORGE) has been in the following programs that focuses on prostituted women and children including HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Education Project, urban poor communities to secure land tenures and barangay (smallest administrative organization) organizing towards participatory governance.
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