Making a Difference in the Digital World

Covid-19 has been declared a global pandemic in March 2020. The situation brought some societal disruptions especially to children due to lockdown, movement restrictions, isolation and social distancing. This was further aggravated by the children’s lack of access to school, friends and some family members. The only source of communication, learning, support and play was online. While it became central in the lives of children, it also increased exposure to cyberbullying, risky online behavior and sexual exploitation. We asked Filipino children to share their life experiences in the digital world amidst the pandemic through short stories, poetry and digital memes and how they were able to make a difference in the digital world. This to encourage their fellow children to make use of online in a safe and productive way.

Short Stories


Sa kabila ng pagod at hagulgol, may mga boses na masikip ang yakap sa isipan ni Juan. Ilang buwan na ang nakaraan noong nawala ang kanyang kalayaang gumala at madalas din niyang sinusubukang maging masaya pero ‘di limit ang kalagayan niyang lagi nadudulas paalis sa…


“Apo…” “Apo, gising ka na ba?” “Apo, paano ba ito?” “Apo, paki-ayos nga ito” “Apo, ano nga ang password ko sa fb?’ Hayst! Si lolo talaga lagi na lang akong hinahanap, lagi na lang akong miss na miss. ‘Yan lang naman ang bumubungad sa akin sa araw-araw at hindi man…


Speech is a powerful thing. I always remember my grandparents telling me to watch over the things that I utter. Their daughter, my mother, never learned that from them. I remember multiple times where she would hit me. Her palms on my cheek, leaving a red mark on my…



Tap! You are now connected Tap! Status successfully updated A system of connections and discoveries Identities, ethnicities, and nationalities vary Snap, I think I will appear attractive Snap, I think they will say negative Filter created, Picture edited saved – much better…

The Change Within

In a word where poverty continues to inflate. One has a big difference to make! A difference for the people, country and even for the world’s sake. A difference that every individual can partake. By the use of modern technology. We could make a proudctive economy. From..

Safer Online

We click, we caption, we post, we shareWe like, we heart, we sad, we careBut all of us should be awareTo online threats, so we won’t despair. We all crave of change; to some, online popularityIt slowly then changes the world’s reality Now the real world is filled with…


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