Focus Group on Child Safety by Design
February 14, 2022
Voice for Change

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is conducting a research that is aimed at identifying best practices examples of child safety by design protecting children from OSEC and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) as well as translating those solutions into advocacy and policy recommendations for the Europian Union (e.g. legal requirement of platforms to have effective and appropriate age verification systems). The Philippine team conducted its focus group discussion last February 12, 2022 which was participated by child advocates ages 11-15 years from the different partners (FORGE, Bidlisiw Foundation, Plan International Philippines , PKKK, ECPAT Youth and Child Advocates).

The child participants were actively involved on the research on child safety by design as they talked about their experiences and shared what they think about it. The children discussed about how they feel about it, their online presence and whether more rules should exist to protect them. The focus group ensured that the voices of the children are heard in this research and ultimately the European Union.

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