Frequently Asked Questions

What makes it unique from the other popular social networking sites if it has almost the same feature with them?
Registration in the app does not mean you will be automatically approved in the app unlike in other apps. The digital app will not require the user to give their personal information however the verified list of first names, mobile numbers and email address (should be a gmail) might be requested by the Web Managers (TDHNL) from the participating organization so they will be made aware as to whom should they be approving and allowing to enter the digital platform.This will require a lot from our web managers but safety and security of the users is a priority.

There is also the reporting feature which directs you to the contact numbers of the organization with specific services you are looking for. When you click on the contact details, for example, the phone number, it will prompt you to make a call or send a message to them right away.

Do the web managers have child safeguarding backgrounds?
Yes. The web manager are professionally trained on child protection and safeguarding. The other three child advocates who are part of managing the app are active members under our PH partners in child protection and safeguarding.
Should the app be ran by child/youth advocates since the app mentioned about "ownership by children"?
They will also be taking part on posting articles/job ads/scholarships they think will help their fellow child/youth advocates. But screening and verifying applicant users will be solely done by the adult web managers to assure or minimize the entry of individuals with other intentions.
Does it require a lot of data?
Downloading the app to your android phone only requires 21MB which is basically lower than that of Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram.
Who can use the app?
Target users are the children and youth known to our partners (not excluding organizations that also work/advocate/lobby for the protection of children).
What should I share with this VFC app?

Child and youth advocates can share their lobbying and advocacy activities. Discuss and share with other child or youth organizations their take on new policies, current legislations in the national and regional level affecting them, and solutions against sexual exploitations of children. For more informations about what and what not to share, check the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” of the app.

Can children and youth use the VFC app on IOS?

Currently the VFC app do not support IOS.

Can children and youth use the VFC app on web browser?
Would this app be linked to other SNS?
No. For security purposes.
How long does it take to setup the VFC app in my smartphone?
It will not take long but depends on your internet connection.
How does the VFC app work if there will be an inappropriate content for the users?
The inappropriate content will be flagged down by the web managers or if other users sees it, they can report the content. Web manager will send a direct message to the user for appropriate intervention. But if user continuously posts inappropriate contents even after warning and discussion with him/her, user will be removed and blocked from the app.
How and where will users report if there are potential threats and/or perpetrators in the app?
You can email us at or reach us through Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram no. +639 3537 27033 for these concerns. The mobile number can be directly called or texted for the Philippines.
Can users share their personal photos in the app?
The app does not recommend user uploading their personal photos. When really necessary, blur your face or of minors in the photo.
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